I attended Pete Ramey's Introduction to Natural Hoof Care seminar in August 2005. I was looking for guidance to help Margie as well as improve my trimming skills. I attended Pete's seminar again in August 2006 as a student in the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners training and certification program. I was very fortunate to be in the program during 2006. As part of the AANHCP certification program I studied the required materials and traveled around the United States spending time with Certified Field Instructors. Some of my instructors had been "shoers" for many years before becoming "barefoot trimmers". All of my instructors had been Natural Hoof Care Practitioners for several years. They were all very experienced, knowledgeable, and talented. I earned Certification in January 2007.

As with all sciences, natural hoof care information is constantly changing. New research answers questions while raising many new ones; one of the reasons I believe critical thinking is an important skill for a natural hoof care practitioner.

Critical thinking gives due consideration to the evidence, the applicable methods or techniques for forming a judgment, and the applicable theoretical constructs for understanding the nature of the problem and the question at hand.

Within the framework of scientific skepticism, the process of critical thinking involves acquiring information and evaluating it to reach a well-justified conclusion or answer.

The term "analytical thinking" may seem to convey the idea more accurately.

Critical thinking is based on concepts and principles, not on hard and fast, or step-by-step, procedures.

As Natural Hoof Care Practitioners, Barefoot Trimmers, or whatever we like to call ourselves, we stand on the shoulders of pioneers and researchers such as Peter Laidely, Cindy Sullivan, Jamie Jackson, Gene Ovenick, Pete Ramey, KC LaPierre, Marjorie Smith, Paige Poss, Dr. James Rooney, Dr. Thomas Teskey, Dr. Chris Pollitt, Dr. Robert Bowker and Dr. Lisa Lancaster.

I am indebted to all of the people who shared their time and natural hoof care expertise with me; and to my best teacher, Margie.

Whether your horse needs help recovering from a pathology or needs to have growth redirected to natural parameters, it is my goal to help your horse grow a healthy hoof as quickly as he can.

During a discussion about his horses hoof problems one of my clients told me that the vet said to ask the farrier and the farrier said to ask the vet. I suggested we ask the horse.